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All Eras Music Djs is located in Binghamton, New York


You can contact us at: or call 607-624-8428......


Our All Eras Music Djs has hourly pricing for limited dj service and multiple hour pricing for extended dj service and huge savings!


All Eras Music Djs is reliable...I have successful experiences in parties, weddings receptions,  functions and speaking events in New York City.....I have the latest DJ equipment and lighting for a small party, dinner or function...And DJ equipment and lighting for weddings and large events....My speciality is Dance Music....You can trust us, we're dependable!

Can Travel

All Eras Music DJs can travel up to 50 miles to do your party, event or function....I will setup my special DJ equipment and lighting to give you All Eras Music DJs expertise!

Choose Music

You can choose the type of music played at your party, function or event....And as an added bonus, All Eras Music DJs will let you select (10) of your favorite songs to be played at your party,function or event.....I can even take picture from the DJs setup area.....

CD/IPod Controller-Computer & DJ/Tony
Power Console Mixer-Drum Machine-Dual CD players-Extra CD Player W/ Mixer
4 Huge Speakers-2(5)Tweeter Speakers-Microphone/Stand
Spectacular Lighting
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